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As I explained past report, since last year September, I have build Student’s organization in order to educate young generation How to Reach the Goal and Their Vision through the practice of “Planning”, “Approaching”, “Arranging”, and “Organizing”.


First 3 months students have planed their peace action in 2016, and recently student have tried to approach loca school at Ho Chi Minh City for asking cooperation, they have visited several schools but first and second approaching way was failed. Although students revised the approaching way, End of Dec and beginning of January, 3 different school were interested in our program.

Now Student try to make final agreement with school. Student has different talent, strong point, and weak point, but they have improved their skills and have learned so many things.

After their agreement, I will visit school with students together and hold lecture and do peace video message campaign with junior high school students.

Young generation is our hope I keep trying to tell what I have learned through my peace walking, and peace actions. I wish the young generation could keep their hope and dream and make a world more better place.

Continuing my endeavor for Peace…

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