Gratitude in Japanese words, there are full of meaning inside



This is Japanese words of “Gratitude” or “Thanks” But it is hard to express the meaning of “感謝” in one words because there are full of meaning and full of sense of Japanese mentarity.

Since 2007 over 6 years I have stayed in abroad due to my Peace & Protection Environment actions and have had a chance to know different cultures and have had a conversation with people who have a different way of thinking.
Through the experiences these days I felt I am “Japanese”

In my country It is hard to live without this words of “感謝”. Every single words and deeds we put the words of “感謝”
For example when we eat a meal we say “いただきます(Itadakimasu)”
And when we finished the meal we say “ごちそうさま(Gochisosama)”
In this words there are full of meaning of “感謝”

“いただきます(Itadakimasu)” –
It is short sentences of “私の命のために動植物の命をいただきます(watashino inochino tameni doushokubutu no inochiwo itadakimasu)”
-It’s means <For my life, I will take lives of plants & animals. >and inside of the words there are meaning of <“We express our appreciation for all because we are all connected and we can not live without full of sacrifice of so many creatures.>

“ごちそうさま(Gochisosama)” –
It is also short sentences of “馳走になりました(Gochisou ni narimashtia)”
“馳””走” these 2 words meaning is <“RUNING”>.
-Past time in order to feast the guest, people had have run around the country and tried to get the ingredient of meals. Sometime for guest the people had to get the lisk of their lives. As an appreciation for the people who feasted, the people said this words of “ごちそうさま(Gochisosama)” –

Not only the meaning of each words, but also inside of the words there are full of
meaning of “感謝” Gratitude.
-Gratitude for nature,
-Gratitude for famer,
-Gratitude for people whom deliver
-Gratitude for people whom made the food
-Gratitude for people whom surve the food

So what is the meaning of “感謝”?

“感” means <feeling> and “謝” means <apology>

-As I explained about two words in above, and each words there are the meaning of “Feeling” & “Thinking” for the others such as “Nature”, “Lives”, “People” whom and which are connected with us.

Japanese people always try to check the atmosphere and try to understand the situation and try to make the harmony of the environment, and harmony of relationship with others and harmonry of connection with all in this world.
Depend on the situation we choose our words and deeds.

And When we try to feel this connection, environment, and relationship with others
and nature, we can feel that we live at full of secrifices of nature, lives, and people….
We feel that we are unworthy of these almsgving and helps for our lives and apology for all that we live at full of secrifices..

For feeling of the connection with Nature with other lives and with other people,
And for apologize world and others, and for understanding the situation of us,
We combine 2 words of “感”<feeling> and “謝” <apology> into one words of “感謝”
and we express our “Gratitude” & “Respect” for the Nature, and All creatures and peoples.

Moreover We do promise one things as a appreciation the world helps for our lives, we try to do a good thing for the nature, other creature, and peoples.

It is the mentality of 感謝 “Gratitude” & our basic precious mentality of Japanese.

How many people feel this 感謝 from bottom of our heart?
Not only the words of “Appreciation” or “Thanks” Isn’t it better to think these full of connection and real appreciation & respect for all with words of 感謝 ?
If we can think and feel the real meaning of 感謝 our behabior to the other would be change much better one????

As a one of Japanese, I try to keep my 感謝 with humbleness. and do my action for peace making a better world for everybody.

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