Earth Gourmet ~Italian & Indian Mixed Grilled Chicken~


Earth Gourmet ~Italian & Indian Mixed Grilled Chicken~

From this year I would like to start some food culture topics post which name is Earth Gourmet.

Through my peace actions I have visited over 25 different countries, and each countries and each location I tasted wonderful delicious cuisine.
All cuisine I mix and create original earth cuisine.
Today’s meal is Italian and Indian mix chicken Grill which I got inspiration from Italian “Garlic & Parsley Grilled Chicekn” mixed with Indian spices.

Chicken 500g
Garlic 2~3 pieces
Parsley Tablespoon 3
Curry powder Tablespoon 1
Soy Sauce Tablespoon 2
Olive Oil Tablespoon 2

<Cooking Method>
1.Firstly chop garlic in a fine piece, and
2.Mix all ingredients
3.1hr to 2hrs keep it at refrigerator
4.Prepare the oven temperature to 200℃
5.Put the chicken mix with all spice and sauce
6.20minutes cook in an oven at 200℃
7.Using spoon pour the sauce over the chicken
8.15 minutes more cook in an oven at 180℃

The Italian & Indian Curry Mic Chicken Grill would be complete.

It is very easy and tasty meal which everybody can make.
Please try it and enjoy with your family and friends.

Food is one of the greatest magic which we can enjoy together across all frame of human being.

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