Kids grow very well with their peace tree which we planted together at Chaumont, Switzerland

Famille Tosetti


These days I got a wonderful message from my precious peace family who lives in Switzerland Chaumont with wonderful picture of their beautiful kids.

Our first encounter was 2 years ago 2014, when I have being gathering participants of peace week which is 1 week peace education seminar from 14th to 21st of Sep, I visited the place named Chaumont Switzerland and stayed at their family house for few days. During the time I donated Fruit tree and with kids we planted tree together at their family yard.
Since the moment 2014 we have had our friendship.

**Here is the picture and article of the event.…

The kids grow very well with the tree with we planted together.
It is great great hope for this world, and I do appreciate their wonderful message. THANK YOU~~~

I do keep my peace actions for those innocent kids and wonderful people who have a greatest mind for peace!

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