Forever friends & Forever Peace


Today it was my last day of my staying in Sofia, Bulgaria.

From end of September 2015, I have stayed at European side and I held lectures at Poland -Oswiecim & Gliwice, Croatia-Kutia, UAE-Dubai, and had a meeting with Government & NGO group at Sofia- Bulgaria, and Hallstatt- Austria.

Today as last meeting, I had a meeting with Indonesia Embassy people, Dina Martina and her family and Bulgaria Professional singer Rumiana Kotseva,
Both people we had have great connection through peace actions at Bulgaria and we promised our future more cooperation in Peace action at different country.

 With my friend Dina Martina who is charge of culture at embassy of Indonesia- we will cooperate together to hold peace event at Indonesia in March.
With Rumiana Kotseva we will keep trying to educate young generation through the culture – art, music, sports, at Bulgaria.

From the beginning of the year 2016, already with so many people with so many different organization, we engage the cooperation in Peace Actions.
It is great sign for peace, and at end from both my wonderful friends I received greatest gift for our forever friendship and forever partnership for peace pactions.

Once again thank you so much everybody who met, who cooperate in my peace actions during my staying in European side.

I will come back to European side in Autumn, will keep expanding the message of peace and increasing the member for peace actions as peace community.

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