First action for peace in this year at Hallstatt Austria

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Today on 7th of January, as my first action in this year, I met with Mayor of Hallstatt & 2 different school principal at “Primary school” & “High School” in order to make an agreement for future cooperation in my peace week project & school of peace project.

Mayor, Government side and Primary school side quite welcomed my visiting understanding my project, and we did agreed with each other for our first step of cooperation in September from 26th to 28th 3 days activities.

Now for my school of peace program which is education for younger generation, “Croatia”, “Dubai”, “Taiwan”, “Poland” and maybe Hallstatt would become the first place in “Austria” as our new members.

I do appreciate for their heartfelt kindness and support.
I am look forward to cooperate in the program for younger generation.

Keep moving forward to peace even it is very difficult and hard way.

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