1st anniversary of my Turkish Kindest Peace Friend’s Death


Today is my Turkish kindest peace friend Kenan Elif Gülcan Kumaş‘s 1 year anniversary of death. Firstly I really would like to extend my heartfelt condolence to his family again.

Through the saddest incident of terrorist attack – losing my best peace friend, at beginning of the year in 2015, I stood up again for my peace walking actions not only improving my peace educational program.

Last year there were full of improvement.
1.) From February to April – I walked from Auschwitz (Oswiecim ) Poland to Berlin Germany,
2.) Connected two city as peace twin city – collaborating with my peace week project,
3.) Started new peace education program called School of Peace,

And through the actions, I could start my peace action at Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Vietnam, Dubai, Germany, and Japan with different level people.

Everything by the grace of his support from heaven I think I could manage those full of actions. I do thank him for his always support and protection.

And I do wish – people who live in this world across all frame of human being such as religion, gender, generation, and race, making a world a better world together.

Lastly May his soul rest in heaven, and keep protecting us and guide us toward Peace which nowadays all people wish.

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