Great news from Vietnam Team regarding to Peace Action

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Today 5th of January, Vietnam Team
Dũng Hoàng​ Visited severals schools in order to make an agreement with school to cooperate in peace actions at their school.

First, and second time of visiting at school in previous day, most of school side answer was very negative. However today throgh his improvement of approaching way – he achieved lots of things.

He could make people and school side to be interested in the project.
Every single person who have a different position and different occupation, they are also human being.

If we know how to approach, always we can make an agreement with people.

I am so happy to recieve the news from
Dũng Hoàng who has passion and strong mind for his dream with great leadership skill.

Thank you Dung for your great effort and great improvement, I am very proud of you.

**Here is the report from him .

Report about today approach.( 1/5/2016)
Today i approached 4 school : VUS, VASS, VAS, Luong The Vinh, i have introduced to them about Yuji , about the project that we are going to do and what the school and students will gain if they cooperate with us.
3 of 4 school show the interest toward our project, and they told us to send them the documents via email so that they will read it and have a discussion about this project. I asked their contacts as well as gave my contact to them. They promised that they will give us the result after their discussion soon (usually 2-3 day),

what i have archive today : i can see the willing to cooperate with us without the need of the ”invitation letter” from them. So if they accept our project after their discussion, we can cooperate with them without the need of invitation letter.

My next steps : 1/ waiting for the result from them
2/ contact other organizations on 7/1
3/ planning for peace video. deadline :9/1

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