New Year’s first report -Vietnam Team Endeavor for peace program in Vietnam 2016


New Year’s first report – Vietnam Team regarding Peace Week Program

Since September 2015, I have built student’s organization in order to educate young students the way or reaching the vision skill, which is -Planning, Approaching, Arranging, Organizing, Checking, revising, and re-planing, students using their knowledge, they have thought for peace, they have acted for peace, and they have being spreading peace by themselves.

From last December, student’s team have started approaching part, and trying to approach school for making agreement to cooperation in peace project.

As first step one of student visited 1 school, and other day 2 students visited several schools and organization, however the school answer was quite negative. Now one of the student wanted to drop the project due to their own thought and wishes.

Although they keep following the circulation of reaching the goal & vision,
they revise the way of approaching and will try to approach several different schools next week. They try to approach even it is very hard situation.

I want to tell those young students, – road of our life is not smooth and easy,
there are hardness, there are difficulties, and there are so many things happens which we do not except. And each moment people easily want to drop or escape from the situation.

BUT if we focus on the vision trying our best, exactly we can achieve something from it, we can learn something from this hardness.

It may be long way to a goal, but it is never far to the next step toward your goal. & From hardness, from difficulties people can learn something and improve ourselves.

I do wish student focus on the point not escaping the reality of life, and try their best even small steps toward the goal.

Even new year time, we keep trying our best for making a world a better place.

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