~Peace Week 2016 – Ho Chi Minh Program Report~

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After I finished my long peace walk from China to London, since 2013 I have established my peace education, and have tried to educate young generation in order to grow future leaders whom have high awareness and consciousness for peace & protection the environment.

Main project is in September toward International day of peace -21st of September, I gather international students at one place and using 1 week I educate students – what is peace, what is the humanity, and importance of coexist respecting Multi-culture & diversity.

Next year 2016 I do try hold this project in Vietnam, and from last September, I have built student’s organization in Vietnam -Mainly consisting of University students in Vietnam.

As a first step I try to educate students
-How to achieving the goal through the circulation of process which is
<Planning>, <Action -“Approaching”>, <Checking>, and <Revision>.
For practicing this skill, now students try to organize one project called
“Peace Message Video program” in order to give young students opportunity to understand what is the war reality, and what is importance of Peace –
through interview people who have war experiences.

Previous 3 month, they planned the project & now students started to approach the school side for cooperation in our program.
I am really amazed their great improvement, because first time they can not use the circulation of process for reaching the goal and vision following the sense of “Planning”, “Action – Approaching, Organizing”, “Checking -Self-research”, “Revision the plan for vision”.

But now they used to think those process – each moments and try to find the way of reaching their goal individually and systematically.

Here is the picture of first approaching school pictures and the students report.

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Report of my 1st meeting at school
On 19 December i visit the school and talk to the principal. I have introduce to her about Yuji and the project but she need time to make the decision. so she ask me to leave the documents and come back on monday.
Otherwise she told me that this case is easy and she sure that after check the documents she will give us the best advice. i feel that we are nearly get the goal. have a good weekend guys smile emoticon


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