Common Point of View of Humanity – discover from traditions

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Traditionally in Poland at Christmas time they have several charity event named
Szlachetna paczka and Kiermasz Świąteczny.

Szlachetna Paczka is Polish tradition, at the time of Christmas people try to help the poor people without the money, they gather the stuff which people don’t need anymore, and give those stuff for people who need, and second one Kiermasz Świąteczny is also kind of tradition in Poland but not every places but– local area many different groups they gather one place and sell their homemade product and the money which they earn use it for helping people.

One of my peace friend who live close to Warsaw, Poland share the information with pictures.
Her kids also participated in the event, and made homemade ginger cake and cupcake for  the others.

It is very amazing way to help the people and feel the connection with people who live in same area.

Actually those kind of action is very important nowadays in my opinion.
Because the world follow the globalization and people could not feel the connection with the people, for example even we go to shopping at supermarket we cannot feel the people who produce, and we cannot understand the producer’s life level.
But when the past time people live in a small village, everybody could feel the connections with people, people can understand who produce the stuff which use at dairy life.
Through the people’s real connections -human relations – when people needs we can helps with our self-sacrifice without any expectation and without money.

Those traditions, those culture related with humanity, not only Christianity, but every single religions have and religions event –even different seasons, but generations to generation people hand those importance of humanity down to the next generations.
For Example: Muslim culture also has those similar culture named “Ramadan” or “Sadaka”.

Through those cultural event, do anyone feel something?
Actually we have difference religions believes but when we focus on every single religious event, or country traditions, or cultural event, – there are common purpose and aim following our humanity.

It is the great sign of peace – when we focus on those point, we can understand each other, we can respect multi-culture and diversity and we can start the way of coexistence.

Here is the time of ending the year.
Shall we start to think much wiser and much wider view and start to across all the frame of human being and find the way of peace –living together at our beautiful mother earth.

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