Reunion with Embassy of Indonesia in BULGARIA

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Today at Edo Sushi Restaurant in Sofia Bulgaria, I had a great reunion with them.

In 2014 at Lozen Bulgaria cooperated with Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, Embassy of Indonesia, Egypt, Palestine, South Korea, Japan we held 2nd Peace Week.
And one of the supporter and participants was the people who came to the dinner.

Actually after our finished the program 2014, I would like to invite all of them to have a dinner together but the time it was impossible due to many reason.
But today finally I could invite them to have wonderful Japanese food at Sofia Bulgaria named ” Edo” Sushi & Teppan Yaki Restaurant.

We had great time and for next year peace week 2016, we agreed to cooperate together to give Indonesian students an opportunity in order to grow global citizen for peace having an awareness of peace and sense of respect for multi-culture.

Thank you so much for making time today for everybody.
Especially Mrs.Dina Martina and her family and her colleagues,
I look forward to seeing you again in Bulgaria, and in Indonesia.


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