The 3rd meeting for preparation to Peace Action 2016 in Vietnam

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On 2nd of Dec, at Ho Chi Minh Vietnam the 3rd meeting for preparation to Peace Action 2016 in Vietnam was held.

We have prepared to 2 different peace actions in Vietnam since we built organization consist of University students and Adult team in last September,
In previous 2 months students keep trying to make planning for projects especially “Peace Message Video” which is for young student from 12 to 16 years old to learn what is war and what is peace through interview people who have war experiences in Vietnam cooperating with schools, and adult team side have kept supporting and advising those students planning.

It is first time for them to build those organization and to prepare to the project without me, therefore there were full of difficulties and hardness.

*Students side
– communication, dividing role and responsibility as a team seem to not work smoothly..

*Adult side
– between them and I – even we have conversation following one common vision which supporting students, we had some miscommunication and misunderstanding. Due to this situation – we seem to be hard to support student in a proper way.

– It was also first time to manage the team as a leader ordering and offering the idea and preparation way indirectly from abroad, so both generation situation hard to check the situation and give them some certain advise.

However they kept their vision and motivation they have kept trying to improve their skill as a team.

There are specific words for organization
“One for All, All for One”

The Vietnam team personify the words personify the words.
They definitely improve meeting by meeting, preparation by preparation.

Greatest things at this meeting was
Students made adult team surprised and felt amazed through very great attitude.
At the meeting students showed their gratitude and humanity “Kindness” naturally through treating adult team…
When I heard the news, I also felt full of happiness..

I would like to clap my hands with full of my appreciation and respect.
I am very happy that I can prepare the project together for next year.
I am so glad to see those great improvement.

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