Planning some charity event for poor kids


These days I have thought some event for poor kids who have serious problems for their health.

This idea comes appear from my encounter with beautiful girl named Kornelia. She has some body problems and needs special care for her body and her rehabilitation.
During my walking actions from Oswiecim Poland to Berlin, Germany, I had a chance to meet her and her family, and since the encounter I have kept support her and her family even very little things.

Not only her, but in this world, there are huge number of kids has some problems for their health due to many cause which comes appearing from human history of dark – war, destruction, pollution……
Only myself, I cannot helps so many kids, but I thought I can do something for inspiring the people to start some actions for those kids, and even I cannot support financially I realize that I can make those kids feel happy. – This is the way what I can do for this world…

I can donate some money… somehow… But
**Money –yes we can donate for supporting kids to get some medical treatment, but children her/ himself they cannot feel something from money…
If through something if we can make kids feel happy, those feeling of happiness would be the strength for their recovery of their body.

For making kids feel happy – and at this special season of the year – holiday season, I have had a discussion with my friend named “Alja”
– she is designer and make very wonderful product with great message. Main popular product is fox shape scarf. The scarf has great message of protecting wild animal – nowadays there are lots of fur product, and so many kind of animal have been suffering due to human society, – fur product, pets business, medical test etc…In order to telling we do can enjoy the clothes and design without killing wild animal for making fur product she made this great cute design scarf.

**More information of her designs..

We agreed to collaborate on charity event for making poor kids to feel happy giving the special gift of my friend very cute amazing kids scarf shaping FOX.
We will keep having discussion with my friend and will try to do something for kids.

For you guys what will you try to do for this special time of ending the year…??

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