Vietnam 2nd meeting for preparation in Peace Week 2016

Today on 18th of November, At Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, there were 2nd meeting for preparation for peace week 2016 Ho Chi Minh.

Young generation “University Student” and My Peace Friend united to hold the meeting together. Especially Miss. Kim Anh who is the leader of the students group and Miss Hanh took an initiative, and lead other students and friends as a team of Peace Week.

These 2 months they prepare for January, and February project called Peace Message Video Interview with Secondary students.

In January we try to visit several school and hold lecture, and cooperate in the project.
Now it is the time of preparation, “Planning”

I haven’t heard the detail of this meeting, but through the pictures which Miss. Hanh Huynh sent, I could feel how great meeting they held.

I am so glad to see and to hear that they all take responsibility and help each other.

Great team with great people.
I appreciate them for keeping their motivation and endeavour.

Cam On! (Thank you in Vietnamese)


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