Reunion with my dearest Syrian Friend

On 08th of November, from Sofia Bulgaria I came to Dubai for reunion with my dearest Syrian friend whom has gave me an inspiration, and encouragement.

When I was walking through the country to country from China to London for spreading the message of peace, we met at Hama Syria.
Since the time of an encounter, he, his family, his relative, and his friends have kept supporting my Peace actions.

They have kept focus on conscience, and humanity, even if their country’s situation became worst. It is greatest and strongest peaceful heart which I have ever seen,
and their attitude always leads the way of my peace actions.

These previous few month, we had deep conversation, and at end we agreed to cooperate in peace education.
Today our dreams came true at Dubai!

From tomorrow on 8th 9th and 10th using 3 days we will hold lectures at high school, and secondary school. Moreover with Principal we will try to make an agreement for cooperation in school of peace project!

I do appreciate my dearest friend Hussam and his family for all the time encouragement and support. From now it is beginning of our cooperation for giving students more opportunity to deepen the awareness of Peace!12235280_867622916688046_179992758_o 12209022_867168460066825_596432728_o 12207474_867168323400172_1512104226_o 12209076_867168260066845_1485841973_o 12227428_867168226733515_314690570_o

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