Happiness is not about more, but it is about less.

Today I got a great message from my Peace Friend who lives in Blonie Warsaw Poland.

In weekend their kids -age from 4 to 8 years old small scouts group held great action at cemetery.

In Poland there are some tradition which is the 1st of November people from kids to adult people, they bring a candle torch for un-known solder’s monuments (WWⅡ)& tombs to pray for ancestor soul rest in peace in order to show their appreciation and respect, and to teach young generation the past history for deepen the awareness of peace and responsibility for their country and world.

The kids – age from 4 to 8 years old small scouts group firstly cleaned the cemetery and sold the candle torch for those people whom visited the cemetery, and the money which kids earned they will use it for other humanitarian aid actions in the future.

This is very wonderful actions which those little children tried to do for their ancestor!
Through the actions, the kids would be able to start to appreciate those ancestor and nowadays peace at their country feeling the meaning of peace, and moreover they can learn what they can do for others through this volunteering actions with use their energy and efforts.

Both point of view of the actions,
1.) To learning the past history and deepen the appreciation for ancestor
2.) To practice of expression of our energy which we can do for making other’s happier
Kids can improve their humanity and raise the common meaning of happiness which is
Happiness is not about more, but Happiness is about less, and we can feel small happiness, and when men reach out with energy would be able to touch more than we can see.

When we try to do something for the others without expectation, we can feel happiness from tiny little things from our side of actions through words and deeds, and all together from little kindness and little things which we can do, we can make happy each other.

It was great great example which my friend’s kids scout group tried to do.
I show my little kindness for my friends, and friends tried to do something for their kids, and their kids also tried to do some small actions for the others.
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This is exactly my peace message, from our closed people, we can reach to the world peace.

Now not only my friends, but school where cooperated in my school of peace projects, and students, teacher they have tried their great actions at their place and with their people.

Peace is exactly possible, all depend on our words and deeds!

I myself, this Saturday I will go to Dubai and hold my peace actions in order to make new agreement with Dubai school for more peace action at different places.


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