Banova Jaruga Primary School & I engaged to cooperation in School of Peace Program

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From 25th of Oct, I have stayed at Kutina Croatia, and today was last day of my staying at Croatia Kutina. As my last actions of my staying, in the early in the morning, I visited Hrvatski Jezik Banova Jaruga (Primary school at Banova Jaruga) where have been cooperated in my peace actions since 2013 as well as Učenički Dom Kutina.

The school belong to ECO School in Croatia which is supported by UNESCO & UNEP, as the school of ECO they have done so many actions for Protectionthe environment, and first visiting at school in 2012 was the one of activities of ECO School we planted one tree at school yield, and 2013, and this time 2015, I always tried to came back to the school and keep giving students an opportunity to learn the importance of our life not only peace but also protection the environment.

This time main purpose of our program was related with my new project “School of Peace” Program which aims and purpose is
1.) To deepen & raise the awareness of Peace,
2.) To respect multi culture & diversity, and
3.) To grow the common global responsibility for this world.

And as first steps of our actions I held lecture telling these topics
1.) How we can we start the actions for peace, and how to change the world from our
small actions at our living area.
2.) How can we feel the connection with other people, and through understanding the
connection with others, how importance to express our appreciation, respect and
goodwill toward those people as well as we do for our family or close people.

7th & 8th grade – age from 12 to 16 students attended the meeting and all of them understood quite well the message of mine.
It is because the school had kept trying to educate students those topics through the great actions of ECO school at wonderful environment of Banova Jaruga.

At end of the meeting, with Principal we engaged the cooperation in “School of Peace” and would start preparing for kick off the project together.

**Here is the information at School HP
**And moreover Kutina Government side also post the official announcement for our future cooperation in “School of Peace” Program.

In December, I will come back to Kutina again and will try to start the project officially partnership with Ministry of Education, Kutina Municipality, and School.

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