Reunion after 2 years with Učenički Dom Kutina

Today 27th of October in the evening at 17 o’clock, I visited Učenički Dom Kutina where is the dormitory for secondary school’s students around this regions and reunite with principal, educators, and students after 2 years.

With this dormitory called Učenički Dom Kutina we have had long relationship since 2012 since when I was walking through countries to countries from China to London. It was 3rd time visiting and holding the event together as one of the education at the facilities. Učenički Dom Kutina has established in 1960 and the educators of the facility have educated young generation in a many ways as the name of dormitory in order to keep young generation health physically and mentally through various way of education.
They teaches traditions, knowledge, and history of Croatian culture, and at same time they educate multi culture, and diversity, and one of the activities we have kept cooperated in the program and give students an opportunity to deepen the awareness of peace and responsibility for their country and for the world.
Today I told them several point of message such as
1.) Importance of common sense of humanity,
2.) Possibility of Unity with different people using our common sense of humanity, and
3.) Responsibility for country and for this world.

And at end we planted 1 tree as symbol of peace.
Always it is very nice to reunite with old friend, and students who have tried their best for their city and great moments with them to do some actions together.

Tomorrow is the last day of my staying in Kutina Croatia, and I visit one Primary school called Osnovna škola Banova Jaruga where is also have had connections since 2012.

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