Never ending story for Peace

Since 2007 I have being walking & working for Peace.
*1st step was walking for making connections,
*2nd step was Education for connecting people,
*3rd step using education project making community for peace, and
*4th step using this peace community, unite all different frame of human being each country, each human society, each community, and each individual person, we start peace actions together focus on future young generation.
All actions is just for peace, and for innocent pure young generation from my pure wishes with strong determination and
sense of responsibility as people who got the life in this world.
Till now I have had full of problems difficulties such as seeing edge of death in Vietnam, Syria, From nothing making connection and started peace education in Bulgaria cooperated with Minister, Ambassadors, Mayors at several countries, and Bushing from Public in Japan….
But never ever I lost my passion and determination for my vision which making a better world and peaceful world for young generation.
Each time I get encouragement and inspiring from people,learn from their words and deeds, and have been able to keep my endeavor for peace.
I strongly believe the each steps of my endeavor for peace whatever the result, would spreads the message and would inspires some people to deepen & raise the awareness of peace.
These are the sense of education, and through the education from direct experiences using 5 senses which is to see, to listen, to feel, and to smell is the way of making union in this world as global citizen for peace.
Here is some of my faithful motto from the words of Nelson Mandela.
And following his words, my journey for peace would be never ending
with deepest gratitude for this world and people.
My endeavor is continuing…..


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