“School of Peace Project new report”

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“School of Peace Project new report”

These days I received the report and information regarding their peace lecture and peace actions from Gimnazjum nr 3 im. Noblistów Polskich w Gliwicach where has being cooperated in School of Peace Project.

The all actions which have been planning, arranging, and organizing by school side and students side group works.

This is the way of peace actions, we can across all frame of human being, and sharing the information and knowledge and can do some small steps for peace!

Tomorrow at Kutina Croatia, I will have a meeting with Mayor of Kutina Municipality, and Kutina Primary schools principal in order to make an agreement for cooperation in “School of Peace” Project.

Lastly for all of the people from Gimnazjum nr 3 im. Noblistów Polskich w Gliwicach , Principal Mrs. Agata Cira, Teacher Mrs.Sonia, Mrs. Aleksandra, Mr,Pawel Mandryk, all teacher & students and people, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for their wonderful effort for peace and for young generation.

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