What makes you happy?

What makes you happy? Watch this video!
Actually in our daily life there are so many sense of happiness surrounding us,
but don’t we forget happiness in little things?

I feel happiness when I watch this video!
I feel happiness from sun lights today after the raining.
I feel happiness when I meet my friends.
I feel happiness when I visit school to meet kids.
I feel happiness when I plant tree with kids.
I feel happiness when I help little kids.

And I thank you very much for everybody and everything who and which keeps my life actions for peace accepting to do some actions at their community, and even people and situation who and which makes me unhappy, also I want to express my appreciation because through those stuff I can feel more happiness in my daily life.

Happiness is everywhere.

Let’s find happiness in little things, and make other happy through your little things which we can do “words”, and “deeds”.

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