Peace Week 2016 preparation at Hochiminh Vietnam

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Today 10th of October at Ho chi Minh city Vietnam young wise pure students and wonderful peace Vietnamese friend who support the students for peace week project had a great meeting in order to making friendship, and to discuss peace week education project 2016 at coffee shop.

I recieved the information from them after the meeting.

They are really amazing people who really wish peace in this world, and trying to do something at Vietnam all the time.

Now I am in European side so I can not meet everybody for preparation but they gathered and have tried to prepare for next year peace education.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for everybody!

You guys are really amazing people!
THANK YOU SO MUCH again and let’s hold great peace week education in 2016 together.

Peace for youth, Peace for the world

Our endeavour for peace would be continue…

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