Live together

I am human being.
We come in different colors, shapes and sizes.
We speak different Languages.
We come from different lands.
With different cultures, beliefs and histories.

But we share a common planets,
a common biological makeup,
a common dream to be secure,
and healthy and happy.

We all love, we all grieve, we all dsire to be free.
We all hope for Peace….
….for a better tomorrow.
Despite our differences,

We must believe that there is a way to coexist.

I respect you.
I can learn from you.
I can live with you.

I am not a country, or an institution.
I am not a faceless idea……
…. or a principle that threatens your way of life,
or deprives you of your dignity.

I am a person, just like you.
And I invite you to join me, and all of us…
.. in standing up to those who incite hatred,
and fear intolerance, and violence.

The world is now smaller and greater, than it has ever been.
The opportunity to communicate & collaborate….
… available to us like never before.

The time is now, To stand up, and declare:
We can! We must! And we will….
…find a way to live in peace……
…. and cooperate to find solutions to the problems of poverty, disease…
… and religious,ethnic, and political rivalry that plague us all.

Our world is on the verge of something either monumental,
or calamitous.

The choice is ours:

We can live together, or we can fall apart!!

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