Inner Peace is the way to peace for world

Today in the morning I had a conversation with Bulgarian Students and talking about people following the video which I posted yesterday
(link : )

<Young generation>
-I don’t believe in media propaganda too much… I prefer to judge by the people surrounding me

-Do you know why did I share the video? Do you think I do believe the media?
From I -who are the people have kept seeing the world situation directly shared the video would have some purpose and deep inside of the background of sharing..
Because the scenery was exactly similar with this world which I saw through my walking.
Do you remember what I told you guys at lecture? Vietnamese orphans?? Syrian kids?
<Young generation>
But also there are good people who have good family like you
However compare with this two type of people- unfortunately… rich people are much greed than those poor people…. and it made me sad.
<Young generation>

hahahaha, my family is by far not rich. My parents can hardly cope with paying the bills and buying food. All the income they have together per month is 900 leva. You know what is the standard of life, – here in Bulgaria…
But I still know rich people who are very good, with big hearts
Like you, for example, and your family

Me? Hahaha
<Young generation>
As for the other part of the world, I don’t want to judge, as I really don’t know everyone to make a good statistics
I do not you guys to judge through those… information
Yes but unfortunately most of the people are not like us…
They believe mas media too much – and also make conclusion the statistics
You know?

<Young generation>
Japanese government due to this statistics they afraid the China and Korea and they changed the law which is related with Peace

YOU know when we finished WW2 Japanese government made the law which is
whatever, whenever, however, whoever, we will not fight with any country,
but in middle of Sep -government changed the law to be able to attend the war, or conflict, as the name of supporting USA
<Young generation>
I know yes, I read about this.. Awful

and because this situation…. Peace twin city project was cancel…
I told you right?

<Young generation>
No, they spoke it on the news, and I thought that maybe that’s why your project could not happen unsure emoticon

I connected two city, both mayor who is my friend and at 70 anniversary of ending ww2 – I told them across all those frame of past history and unite for bright future…

However yes……… People judge me…through the information. Like He is Swindler or Korean or Chinese who try to make Japan to get attention from the world due to the past history at WW2….and there is huge against and slander therefore peace week also had to cancel ….so this is also exactly same situation which I show you the video is people.

But mine is bigger size “country”

Even country too, poor country developing country is always open and honest mostly

but rich country they like to get more from the others…… to keep their position and power,,,, and money… that is why those people and those country actually keep the situation…
<Young generation>
Ah, that is a fact now!
I share your opinion
you like it ?
what i told you?
<Young generation>
I don’t like it, but it is true
now you trust hum?? Because it is all comes from my true story….
after my information please watch this!

This video message is exactly what I want to tell after the video which showing the real world situation…


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