School of Peace Project ~2nd steps in Gliwice Poland~

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Today 28th of September, I visited Gimnazjum Nr 3 im. Noblistow Polskich in Gliwice in order to hold my “School of Peace” project.

During my walking from Poland Oswiecim to Berlin Germany, I visited the school to hold the lectures and planted trees, – and we have started new project called “School of Peace” project since last July 2015 in order to give students an opportunity to gain & deepen the knowledge of multi culture & diversity, and responsibility for this world through exchanging program with different countries school & peace action at their community.

This time is the 2nd steps of the project – and held workshop which topics “how to make happier the closed people in our community, and through the attitude how to reach the goal of peace in this world” with new students from this year & several students whom participated in my lecture at last time visiting.

More over the school has started exchanging program with Turkish school and in many ways they have tried so many social activities for their city “Gliwice”

I do convince that the place “Gliwice” and the school would be the very important core place for spreading the message of peace like the symbol Gliwice – Radio Tower.

Tomorrow we will have serious meeting with Principal and other teacher for future cooperation in the project.

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