Partnership for Peace – Second steps at Gmina Oswiecim

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On 24th of Sep I visited 2 schools – primary school & junior high school and held lectures & tree planting as one of partnership for peace through my School of Peace Project.

This time visiting is 3rd time actions at Oswiecim & more way we would try to do more actions for young students.

My message is
-Peace in this world starts from one’s self some actions for closest people – family, friends, neighbour, teacher, local community people. From the actions for closest people, we can change the community, city, country and at end, the actions could change the world and reach the goal of peace together.

I do keep trying to inspire the young generation, and through my education project I do try to make young generation to start the actions at their daily life.

Tomorrow I do visit one more school at Oswiecim discussing the future cooperation in my education project.

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