Birthday Wishes -Peace in this world & Everybody’s happiness & Good Health-

Dear all of my friends in this world

Firstly I really would like to express my appreciation & sincere thanks for your birthday present, messages and wishes.

I received presents, messages and wishes from all over the world, -Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Syria, UAE, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria. Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia,Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Morocco, USA, Canada, Germany and more countries ..

I am very very lucky person who could meet all of you guys and have kept friendship even I could not stay with, and spend time with everybody all the time. But you guys always keep reminding me, believe me, support me and wish peace in this world together.
It is really amazing and touch my heart a lot.

If I just can wish one wish at my birthday – I do wish Peace in this world
& Everybody’s happiness and good health rest of the life with family.

Everybody are my family and my brother and sister!
Once again thank you so much for celebrating my birthday and send me the heartfelt message with touching messages!
I love you all.

Peace! heart emoticon

Your Peace Family

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