Way of Peace from our behavior

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Why nowadays there is still war?
-Because people don’t try to learn from the past.
Why people have to kill each other

-Because people don’t try to consider the others, and don’t try to understand the others.

Nowadays people just follow their feeling and way of thinking, and
When it is not the way people show anger and frustration.

If we understand each other, if we consider each other, if we learn each other,
We can unite, we can stop war, we can stop killing each other, and we can stop argument.

How can we make others’ life better??
We need to learn from negative stuff in our life.
When we feel anger, when we feel stress, when we feel sadness, when we feel loneliness,
twe can understand other people pain, sadness, anger and stress…..

Through all the experiences we can forgive the people and show our compassion.
It is the way of Peace from our behavior.

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