Not tooth for tooth, an eye for eye, but with humanity & respect diversity and multi-culture we can make better world

This year Peace Education called “Peace Week” 2015 main theme was “War & Peace, and Global Responsibility for Peace & for World”

Following the theme, all students whom would be the participants of the education, have visited people whom have war experiences and listen the peace message and message for future generation forgetting all different view of the war which following political issue, or nations which have made world to be more complicated in order to unite the world as one planet and deepen the common awareness of peace and global citizenship for peace.

However due to country of Japan (-where I have tired to hold peace education at this year) situation of politics and several issue, we decided to cancel the project at Japan. It made me terribly upset.

Although the other country people & students kept their endeavors whatever the situation – following their innocent heart and passion for peace.

Here is Taiwan team report and they promised to keep visiting the people whom have war experiences with other students, and those experiences they will share to younger students at their country.

Not only Taiwan but also at Vietnam and at other country all have kept doing the actions and try to learn and share the real meaning of the way of peace learning from each country old people who overcame the situation of the war losing their precious people and seeing the hardest situation of the world.

It is the time to release the frame of human being, and keep appreciate the ancestor, and as our ancestor kept the planet mother earth, now it is our tern to make much peaceful and beautiful world for future generation whom would be birth in the future.

We all have those responsibility for Peace and for the world.
Not tooth for the tooth An eyes for the eye,
But respect multi culture and diversity with respect, appreciation, forgiveness, apology and compassion which is basic of humanity we can make one world with peace heart.

Peace is possible if we really wish.

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