Thank you is the way to change our view of life and to change the world a better place

Since 2013 I have held Peace Education Project called Peace Week. As one of education I always ask students to say “thank you” at least 5 times a day.

This is very good way to realise
-What is the connection with others,
-How many people show us their kindness and compassion with their consideration, and
-How lucky we are that we can live with those people together.

Through the actions of showing our appreciation we can know
-how important to show our humanity, goodwill and kindness to those people who help us and support our life, and to be able to know that also we can help the others and support the others through our words and attitude with humanity in order to make a better world.

Nowadays many people forget how happy we are, and how lucky we are, and couldn’t show our appreciation and respect the others, and easy to be selfish & do not care the others… to be able to start to hate or against or express hate speech for the others easily…

To show our appreciation is the key of our life to make happier and to make better world.

Let’s try to express our appreciation once a day, exactly your world view start to change and from our behaviour can influence the world from our words and deeds by positive way!

Lastly I would like to express deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of the people who make the road of peace through my life.

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