When you leave this world, what do you wish for?

11870934_1619370991671784_6059988802011152152_n 11855609_1619370985005118_7408677287478564119_n 11873734_1619370978338452_7657854380446015015_n 11870719_1619370981671785_1029392714374310071_n 11817023_1619370988338451_695759119937898672_n Our life is too short. Our life Is too small. Our knowledge is too little. However most of the people could not realize about it, and keep their richness or position, or power just for themselves.

These kind of people think “I am the best”, “I am the greatest”, “I am the cleverest”, or “I am the richest and powerful person in this world”… When we know about how small we are, and when we know about our limit of our life, and when we leave from this world, what do you want to do? Raising money? Keeping our position? Control the world? for one’s self? and sacrifice the kids and people suffering poverty or war? I do believe we all have wonderful heart of compassion. I do believe we all have wonderful heart of kindness. I do believe we all have wonderful heart of respect and appreciation. Wouldn’t it better to forget our pride or interest or position or power? But focus on our goodwill and humanity??and give those kids a hope and dream for their future? We are small, our life is too short, therefore we need to unite and make a world a better place for those innocent kids. Everybody have a responsibility for this world and for future. We all believe you and trust you to start wonderful steps for peace!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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