Compassion & Love cans across the nations making Peace in our heart

pray for japan

My Syrian friend reposted the great heart of Syrian. “Peace Heart”
In 2011 March when the earthquack was happens in Japan, I was in Syria.
The time the conflict already started in Syria, however they do not worry about them,
but they worry about me, my family and Japanese people.

Time by time Syria situation became worse and worse, I came back to my country,
and visited many countries in order to gather the doncation for Syria.

This is the great emaple that through our humanity and love,
We can across the frame of human being, and we can over come the situation
and share our love, and our humanity for everybody!

Thank you so much my precious Syrian friend who keep reminding me and
pray for me and pray for Japan!

We can make peace in this world!

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