You are amazing! Let’s show our good hunmanity for our innocent lovely kids!

Here is the video of Earth Day Ceremony on 24th of April at Berlin Germany.
Please listen the little kids singing a song of “Apple”.
Our little kids are innocent. SO cute and sweet!

But They are innocent and pure. Therefore without any doubt they try to learn everything from us.
Bad behavior, negative attitude which actually we do not need to learn.
Kids always see our behavior,
Kids always listen our words,..

Here is good example!

Do you wish your kids do same attitude as you???

If we think the point
Wouldn’t we better to express our love?
Wouldn’t we better to tell how to be kind to the others?
Wouldn’t we bettwe to show our good attitude toward the others & world?

<Face>: You can smile, enjoy, cheerful and happy.
<Mouth>: You can speak with kind words, encourage people, cheerful and give them comfort.
<Heart> : You can open your heart to the others by sincere, truthful and kindness.
<Eyes> : You can looking at the others with kindness and compassion.
<Body>: You can use your own labor help out the others.

We have these wonderful humanity!!!!
YOU are amazing! We are all have wonderful part of humanity!
Let’s show our good humanity toward innocent kids!

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