Keep praying for my Peace Precious Family & Kids -They taught me real way of Peace in Syria-

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Rest of my life I cannot forget my precious Syrian friends and lovely kids!
They are one of my precious family who saved my life in 2011 March.
Our peace tree was planted the time with our best best wish for peace in this world.
However after my visiting – Syria situation became much worst and even we would like to meet, it is really hard to have reunion nowadays.

They taught me what is the way of peace.
They told me what is the way to spread Peace.
They show me what is the way to love.

I miss you everybody and I always pray for you guys safe and good health.

I never give up for peace whatever, whenever, and however.
In this world there are full of kids and innocent people live in much worse situation
wishing real peace.

Peace be with all of my Peace family who lives all over the world!
My heart always be with you guys!

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