What I need is Peace!
What I do using my life is just for Peace!
What I wish for everybody is to keep smiling and to keep their happiness!
What I can do, What I have to, What I want to do is
just for those pure wish for peace and pure hope for everybody’s happiness!
Someday I really wish people will deeply understand the meaning of peace and unite for peace!
For the day coming to the future, I keep trying my best.
Using full of my life, time, money, till I die!

Here is the message of International Day of Peace!

Everybody can do the actions for someone.
Everybody can do share your love and your humanity for someone.
Everyboidy can do wish, and hope for somebody’s happiness.

On the International day of peace, just for few moment
Shall we try to do some good things for peace!
And make everyday peace day!

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