One of young generation who got inspiring through my peace actions sent me a encouragement message

konigs Wusterhausen

These days I lost full of energy due to the sadest situation in Japan.
However today I recieved great message from students who I met in Konigs Wusterhausen Germany
-where I held my peace actions which is holding lecture at high school and plant peace tree with students
cooperating with Mayor of Konigs Wusterhausen Germany during my walking through country to country
from Poland to Germany.
I am so so so so happy that my message exactly live in people’s heart!
( whom I met, whom I spread the message, whom I cooperated in my peace actions)

For these people, for those great young generation who beleive me,
I do keep stand shining on the people’s way toward their happiness and peace life!

Here is the time of my event at Konigs Wusterhausen TV interview from Offical TV of City!

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