Everybody were born for doing some good things for this world!

Here is really touching video that deaf people hears sounds for the first time
Please check their happiness!

Just only we have any problems -good health, can live, can eat, can listen,
can talk, can see. there are quite amazing things.
– In our life there are full of happiness!

Someway everybody we can help people! who needs helps. This is our humanity!
We were born for helping someone.
we were born for helping the world.
We were born for some reason!

We were not born for hate someone.
We were not born for attack someone.
We were not born for against someone.

We were born for doing good things for this world!

As individual person, dont we try to do some good things for people who close to?
For Family? For Your Friends? For your lovers? For your kids?
Through the way is not enough to think without any negative feeling for someone?

I love you,
I need you,
I thank you,
I admire you,
I respect you.

YOU are great person, you can be someone’s angel.

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