What is our responsibility for this world, for peace, and for future generation?

Dear my precious Japanese People who love our nations and wish Peace

What is our responsibility for this world, for peace, and for future generation?
We need to respect the origins, traditions, and culture which made the basic of our homeland where everybody have.

However if we keep the points strongly, we can not solve the problems or argument, or conflict between differences of human being… which following race, religion, gender, or generations.

Here is the greatest young boy essay.

Please think about our responsibility for this world?
Who wish the war?
Who wish own family suffer from the fighting?
Who wish people kill each other??
Who wish own children to go to war killing someone??

If we have these energy or money or power,
would not be better to use for good cause
– helping poor people, give kids whom not able to study at poor country opportunity to learn something?

Please read the innocent boy’s wish and pure mind toward Peace!

Tittle “I will not kill anybody at <Field of War>
Now Japanese government try to change their interpretation of special law of PEACE which is “WE DON’T FIGHT ANY COUNTRY FOR ANY REASONS WHATEVER” and through the process of changing interpretation of Law which is to arrow to use our “right of collective self-defense” day by day possibility of being the country where would be able to fight with other countries are increasing. As the one of generation who might be sent to field of war by government, I would raise my voice.

Inside of my friends circle there are the friend who thinks that it is necessary to be able to use our <Right of collective self-defense>, but I do disagree with their opinion, because I don’t want to kill anybody.

To kill the people is most grave crime in general in this world. However at field of war the most grave crime “To kill the people” become the government and Army order. At field of the war following the order is good, and if people don’t follow the order we are punished. I couldn’t understand and couldn’t accept an inconsistency between general common sense and the rules of “Field of War”

Why we were born in this world?? I do think and I do believe it must be not for killing each other. The life which we get is just once, and it is too sad and regrettable that we might finish our life in halfway of life.

To use “Right of collective self-defense” accompanies to kill the people in abroad.
I cannot do that. We need to think it again about changing interpretation of the law of PEACE!

These days I connect two City Oswiecim & Minamikyushu city.

And now so many Japanese people against the partnership.
If we focus on the history background, it is totally different situation,
and there are no point in common.

However when we focus on Peace, there are same common feeling of human being, sadness, sorrow, and misery from people lost their
precious family, children, and relative, lovers….

How many people wish our family, lovers, and children’s misery???

Through my walking actions I saw so many places! where people have kept suffering from the world! China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Syria, Ex-Yugoslavia….
Due to the war, due to Conflict, due to poverty, innocent kids, people have been dying,……

Now 2015 is 70 anniversary of ending of WW2.
now it is the time to focus on future generation!

We need to keep peaceful world. we need to make much better world for next generation.

All the people who die due to the war they wish the next generation’s happiness,
with their self sacrifice! loving the country.

I myself I do my peace actions for free I have never ask people the Money, or position or prise, as one of human being I lost my precious people – whom is fiancee and best friend – due to suicide and cancer, and due to the world situation, I saw the children and people were killed and die just in front of me!

I do not want to see these innocent people’s suffering…
Please wake up Japanese people and please remind how our ancestor try to protect our country and how can we keep peace not fighting with any country for 70 years!!

We have great peace heart! we have great humanity! we have great morality!!!

Let’s focus on peace! and make peaceful Japan and spread real peace message from Japan!!

Yours Sincerely



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