People from Oswiecim is the greatest citizens of Peace ~stokrotnie dziękuję~

Dear Gmina Oświęcim & Citizens of Oswiecim

On 12th of July, after 3 days visiting Oswiecim Poland, I came back to Japan.
It was quite short time staying in Oswiecim Poland this time.
But I really amazed the Oswiecim people’s greatest hospitality – especially for the special guest from Japan Minami-Kyushu City.

The all the attitude with kindness, with compassion, with peaceful heart touched my heart a lot. And I fully understand that all the great attitude comes from all the people whom live, stay and work at Oswiecim has greatest awareness of Peace in your hearts.

That is really amazing and most precious things which all we need to learn from you. There is not many places that each individual has high awareness of peace and try what one’s can do for Peace through their life.

I fully respect and admire Oswiecim and especially Mr. Albert Bartosz, and Mr. Tomasz Klęczar, for your great support and preparing greatest welcoming us and showing the greatest mind of Peace of Oswiecim.

My heart, My thought and My all my life way for Peace are always with Oswiecim and Poland.

Best Wishes & Peace

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