Everyday making our effort for Peace -with honest and with our passion for Peace

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10th of July we visited so many places – International youth center Oswiecim, City Hall, Deputy Director of Auschwtiz & Birkenau Memory and Museum, Jewish center……and at the end of the day we had a deep conversation for twin city partnership beteen Oswiecim & Minami-Kyushu

What I could do for both city through this time visiting- connecting with the cities were completed.

In September from Oswiecim the mayor and governor would try to come to Japan Minami-kyushu city in order to make an agreement & sign for twin city partnership and spread peace decration at international day of peace – 21st of September.

Still I have to do and I can do for peace, each moment I do try to think, act, and spread the message of peace through my actions.

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