Common Awareness of Peace is exactly same for every single person in this world

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From 8th of July in order to make twin city partnership for peace between Oswiecim & Minami-Kyushu City Mayor of Minami-Kyushu & each department director & chief related with this project, and  I have visited Oswiecim Poland.

On 9th of July, Mayor of Minami Kyushu, and I visited Memory and Museum of Auschwtiz & Birkenau, and Foundation of Memory Sites Near Auschwtiz – Berkenau. At the memory for Victims who died at Nazi Concentratio Camp we offered the flower praying for their rest in Peace & World Peace.

In addition from 3 to 5 P.M Mayor of Municipality of Oswiecim & Deputy Mayor of City of Oswiecim we had dinner in order to make connection sharing both side of Peace Action.

The both side of city – Minami Kyushu & Oswiecim we do confirmed the core message of peace which we have to not happens the same mistake of the war, and need to unite each each place where related with War for peace educating the young geneation to deepen the awareness of Peace and responsibility for Peace and future generation.

Tomorrow we visit several institute and Organization and at the end of the day
We do try to make some agreement for future cooperation as twin city partnership in order to spread real peace message across the country, across religion, across the gender, across the generation, and across the all kinds of frame of human being.

Peace is in all of our hearts. Peace is Possible!

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