“Vietnam” -now it is most important point in Vietnam through the biggest transportation period from past to the future, through the experiences of this time visiting Vietnam

“Vietnam” -now it is most important point in Vietnam through the biggest transportation period from past to the future, through the experiences of this time visiting Vietnam

From 27th to 30th of June I visited Vietnam Ho Chi Minh in order to give young Vietnam students opportunity to gain more knowledge and experiences through my lecture & participation in Peace Week Program.
It is all came from the memories in Vietnam during my walking through the country for spreading the message of Peace from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, and Ho Chi Minh Vietnam to Bankok Thailand in 2009, 2010.

The people and children who have started relationship since 2009, 2010 was quite amazing – they do have full of humanity which many people have forgotten, and have determination for their country and for their future generation.
I learned so many things from the people, and the memory of occurrence which people and children saved my life once at Vietnam, -these all experiences and memories I do cannot forget them and forget my appreciation for Vietnam – that is the biggest reason to push me to bring back me to Vietnam again.
In addition the lecture at RMIT University which I held –from the beginning by the grace of friends of mine support and helps we could hold the Event –
the point and the behavior and attitude from my old friends and the people who was the students at my previous time visiting Vietnam – they still keep goodness of Vietnam.

However this time visiting Ho Chi Minh City I felt the huge differences and changes compare with 2010. The City became much bigger city than previous time– more high building, more people.
And due to the getting influence from the capitalism or materialism – people seems to start to forget the greatest point of Vietnamese – “HUMANITY” which is
Appreciation, Respect, Kindness, Apology, Forgiveness, Compassion, and to become more individual – especially young generation who was born in rich family and who has no problems for their life.

What was my biggest surprise was the younger generation in Vietnam.
-From the students who participate in my lecture, and event, – Nobody say the worlds of “Thank you”

Since 2007 I have done my peace actions and met full of young generation through my lecture, and my peace actions always people and students say the words of “APPRECIATION”
It was my first time to see the situation – the huge differences in 5 years in the country.
And 2015 is the anniversary of union of Vietnam and ending the Vietnam War.

I really felt now it is most important point in Vietnam through the biggest transportation period from past to the future in Vietnam.

– To get full of influence the world trend of Society – Materialism and Capitalism, Or
To keep the good and strong point of Vietnam – Humanity and respect and find the way of Co-exist.

There were gravely affection through the Vietnam War – Nature was destroy due to agent orange, and people lost the family and relatives, and still people have suffered due to the Vietnam War. But Vietnam Ancestor and people have kept making effort for their country! Making better country and peaceful country!

It is golden time and golden year to educate young generation “What is the importance for Peace & for this world and telling our global responsibility for peace for country and for future generation which Vietnam Great ancestor had had done for the country. I fully convince that if all Vietnamese understand more importance of the nature and how great environment they have in the city center at Ho Chi Minh, and what was happens during the war – many people suffered serious damage due to the war Vietnam can spread great real peace & protection environment message through the world!

Vietnam has huge history of the war, and through the knowledge of Ancestor of Vietnamese most of the people have kept the great mind of Peace, and great mind of responsibility for their country and their future generation with humanity.
Some point the young generation could not learn the importance of the mind which people kept and following the materialism and capitalism due to the dramatically increasing the wealth through the development.

I do keep wish and pray for Vietnam to keep spreading the nobility message of Peace and educate young generation the importance of Peace & Humanity.

I do also keep trying my best for Vietnamese as well as I do for this world Peace least of my life as my obligation and duty for Vietnam.

Thank you so much again all of my friend who support and helps my action in Vietnam.
And let’s keep doing more actions for Peace at Vietnam together!

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