Preparation for Twin City Project between Auschwitz (Oswiecim) & Minami-Kyushu (Chiran) & Peace Week Project

From 14th of June, I am staying in Chiran, Minami-Kyushu, Japan for having a meeting with Mayor of Minami-Kyushu City, Principal of High school, and local community people for cooperation in Twin City Project between Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and Minami-Kyushu (Chiran) & Peace Week Project 2015 Chiran.
From 9;30 to 19:00 I had 5 different meeting with people!

It is very tight schedule and have to do many things for making happens for this twin city and peace week project for young generation!
But I have full of energy for this projects! all comes from people who trust me in this world! and people try to help me!

All together let’s make it happens and spread real message of peace! at the very important year for peace!IMG_0290

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