Kickoff “School of Peace” & “Friends of Peace” Project at Poland & Turkey

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New Project called “School of Peace” & “Friends for Peace” kicked off between “Poland Gliwice” & “Turkey Sakarya”
Every month they will send the letter with information of their country culture & actions for peace in order to
deepen the awareness of Peace & respect the multi-culture & diversity from young generation.
On 2nd of June as kickoff the project Gimnazjum nr 3 im Noblistów Polskich w Gliwicach celebrated the Peace day
with students.

It is great start for starting to giving students and school an opportnity to realize that peace actions can be start at
place where we live with who we love.

Thank you so much again Gimnazjum nr 3 im. Noblistów Polskich for sharing the great picture of our actions for peace!
Step by step we will increase the number of school where participate in School of Peace & Friends for peace Project.
More information of the project as bellow

Here is the arcile of school side posting at Facebook


Gimnazjum nr 3 im. Noblistów Polskich w Gliwicach added 12 new photos.

Tak świętowaliśmy szkolny Dzień Pokoju dnia 2 czerwca 2015r.

Wszyscy uczniowie chętnie uczestniczyli w ciekawych zajęciach, takich jak składanie origami, wykonywanie plakatów o tematyce pokojowej czy tańczenie skocznego tańca belgijskiego. Dzisiejsze wydarzenie rozpoczyna współpracę naszej szkoły ze szkołą w Turcji w ramach projektu ,,Schools of Peace and Friends of Peace”, którego pomysłodawcą jest pan Yuji Miyata.

So we celebrated peace day school on 2 June 2015r.

All the students are happy to participate in interesting activities such as origami folding, exercise room-themed posters and dancing skocznego dance of the Belgian. Today’s event begins collaboration our school with a school in Turkey within the framework of the project, the Schools of Peace and Friends of Peace “, whose founder is Mr. Yuji Miyata.

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