Reunion & New Cooperation in Peace Actions

Today I had a meeting with Mr. Ryosuke Saeki who is the president of Pudi-U (Public discussion for Unity) NPO.
When we had a first encounter in 2010 at my friend’s lecture event – the time he was a student
– I remember that he have had already great mind for this world. Since 2010 first meeting,
– 5 years has passed 2015 we had a reunion meeting with him as a president & founder of NPO.

The NPO mission is to make a society where everybody can have a meaning & value in one’s life,and world with rights of choice especially at Bangladesh. Through his NPO he has tried to light up the people whom lives the bottom of society suffering from global issue of poverty and give the people more opportunity to gain the knowledge and information in order to make the society where everybody can live peacefully with full of respect the multi culture & diversity.

Our visions for peace making a better world which trying to deepen & raise the awareness of Peace & respect multi culture & diversity – is quite similar and through this time conversation & previous conversation on 11th of May I made an agreement with him for participation in my Peace Week and gathering the students from Bangladesh.

It is a great moment for my life through my actions for peace, not because we have a same mind for peace, but because I could see the people’s growth.
And I am so happy that we can do something together for making a better world together.

Thank Mr. Ryosuke Saeki for your concerning for peace and world, and efforts for this world.

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