Great steps for Twin city for Peace between Auschwitz /Oswiecim and Minami-Kyushu


Today I had a meeting with Mayor of Minami-Kyushu Mr. Kanpei Shinpei in order to give the letter of intent for peace twin city program between Auschwtiz (Oswiecim) & Minami-Kyushu city and to make an agreement for starting relationship as partnership toward twin city of peace as well as getting agreement for cooperation in Peace Week 2015.
It was great meeting with mayor of Minami-Kyushu and he agreed to start our relationship as partnership toward making agreement of twin city for peace.
It is just the beginning but it was great sign for peace.

Because we can spread we all have great awareness of Peace beyond the frame of human being. – It is the sign that we are all same –human being.

We all have global awareness of Peace
Peace is the way of unity beyond the frame of human being.
Making peace is the global responsibility for next generation.

Peace is possible! And I am glad that I can do these wonderful actions!

Mayor of Minami-Kyushu Mr.Kanpei Shimoide, Mayor of District of Oswiecim city Mr. Albert Bartosz and all people involved the project once again I do express my deepest gratitude for great effort and concerning for peace!!

I do keep my best for all! for peace!

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