Finding the unity in variety ~St. Mary’s International School Carnival~

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Today I visited St. Mary’s International school Carnival event, -because my cousin’s son studies at the school and the day of carnival all of the students, family and friends were opening own countries refreshment stalls selling the countries foods, drinks, and product in order to introduce their culture & raising the donation for their school & for the place where needs helps – ex. Last year they donated the money for countries where suffered by serious disaster of earthquake.

(*my cousin also held one refreshment stalls called “YUKIGUNI” with her friends and were selling the food using local organic healthy product collaborating with Sake brewery called “Hakkaisan”)
*More information –
St. Mary’s international school –

It is quite amazing event that all the people from students, parents, local community all together cooperated in holding the events being able to partake in the refreshment stalls and performances on stage.

School side they prepared the atmosphere – which is refreshment stalls, cooking instrument, and tables etc.., and participants they asked the shops or company to donate the food ingredients, or participations and hold the big carnival uniting with every in a name of charity raising the donation for good cause!

The event told us the great school principle which is
-Forster multi-cultural awareness and understanding, and encourage students to develop a sense of global responsibility and citizenship.

Moreover the school have opened its doors to over 60 foreign boys ranging from kindergarten to upper secondary school students, gives them a great opportunity to broaden, and grow their spirit of cooperation, friendship, and mutual respect maximize individual achievement.

I was really inspired their way of making people to partake & participate in the event and doing some great actions with full of joy and full of excitement for great cause of charity! 😉

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