Children’s Day 05/05 -Guest came far away from Okinawa.

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On 5th, 6th of May from Okinawa very precious people family visited my place “Zushi”
With the family we have had a relationship since 2009 – when I had been walking around Okinawa, and the family keep supporting my Peace & Envrionment actions!
This time we enjoyed staying at Zushi together
– having a discussing for future cooperation,

Especially the day of 5th of May is Children’s day in Japan.
We all celebrate children, wishing their bright future!

For me even I do not have own family or children – it was great moment to keep reminding the purpose of my actions!

And this time the biggest surpirse was their daugther grows very fast – when I was walking through Okinawa
she was just like her younger brother – but now became elementery school girl.

-2009 it was my beginning my peace action
-2015 Not only walking action with tree planting, but could organize the educational project, connecting school and city, growing new young leader for Peace.
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5 years later, 10 years later, and 15, 20, 25, 30 … My biggest wish for these kids is just keep growing up healthy, safely and peacefully!

For these precious innocent young generation I do keep plant peace seed in the people’s heart in order to everybody start the small actions for peace individually at dairy life.

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