Relaxing time with planning Action in Japan

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Now in Japan it is biggest holiday season called Golden Week, over 11 days holiday for every Japanese people! We take big relaxing moment with precious people!

SO DO I on 30th of April I came back to Japan, and next day 1st of May we celebrated my mothers birthday and 2nd of May I met my former teacher, and now I am at my family villa at seaside! place called “Zushi”!
Yesterday whole day I spent time with my fater at Zushi! its been a long time spending the time with my father having an conversation.

This season of spring it is hard to see “Fuji” Mountain but for me the beautiful “Fuji” mountain shows me the beautiful and strong shape! saying “Welcome back to Japan, take a good rest and start great effort for next project in Japan”

Till 6th of May I will stay at this villa having one meeting with my friend talking the project!

More information I will announce very soon!

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